Miscellaneous lab photos

Don't disturb Ciarán while he's doing PROseq!
Akila presenting her undergraduate research.
Georgia presenting her REU poster.
Georgia giving her REU presentation.
Jessica, Ravi, and Zach (Pleiss lab) found a pingpong table at RNA 2018!
Ravi and Zach (Pleiss lab) playing pingpong at the RNA meeting in Berkeley, CA.
An amazing chalk drawing from our undergraduate researcher Yingyue!
Alfred builds his own computer, while Ravi observes.

Ravi's homemade centrifuge!


Lab decorating 2018

Ciarán and Jessica putting up lights.
Jessica and Ciarán putting up decorations in the kitchen.
Ciarán, Louis, and Jessica heading out to check out the window lights.
This year we put "3'UTR" up in the windows!
Check out our handiwork in the kitchen!
We decorated our lab door with a snowflake from last year.
A bit of snow to go with our winter decorations.

Lab decorating 2017

We put "RNA" in our lab windows.
The Pleiss lab sabotages our lights!
Not wanting to be left out, the Ke lab puts up "CRISPR"!
And finally, the Alani lab joins in with a "Holliday" junction!
We gave Andrew's office a surprise holiday makeover!
We made our own lab Santa.
An excellent addition to Andrew's office door.
The Tree of Science!
Jessica's festive desk.
No winter would be complete in Ithaca without a snowstorm.


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