Ongoing Research Support

NIAID R01AI42867 Role: Co-Investigator (PI Brian Rudd)

Impact of Microbial Exposure on Immune Development

NIAID AI138025 Role: Co-Investigator (PI Norah Smith)

Developmental Layers in the CD8+ T Cell Response to Infection

NIAID RO1AI110613 Role: Co-Investigator (PI Brian Rudd)

Regulation of neonatal immunity by let-7/Lin28

NIAID U01AI131348 Role: PI (PIs Brian Rudd, David Topham & Andrew Grimson)

Roles for Developmentally Regulated MicroRNAs in Neonatal Immunity

NINDS U54NS105541 Role: PI & Project 3 Lead (PIs Maureen Hanson, Dikoma Shungu & Andrew Grimson)


Project 3 Deciphering gene dysregulation across the immune system in ME/CFS with single-cell transcriptomics

NICHD P50HD076210 Role: Project 1 Lead & Core B Co-Director (PI Paula Cohen)

Small RNA pathways in mammalian gametogenesis

Project 1 Defining the regulatory functions of small RNAs in the male mouse germline